Victims of ACCH is an organization founded by people who have been, or who have family members or other loved ones who have been injured by the incompetence, negligence, and other practices of the management and staff of Arkansas Continued Care Hospital in Jonesboro, Arkansas. We have reason to believe that in some cases people have died as a result.

We have notified the three major hospitals in the area (St. Bernards and NEA Baptist in Jonesboro and Arkansas Methodist Medical Center in Paragould) of our concerns as many of the patients were sent from their facilities, but have had no response, and we continue to receive new reports of patients being injured as a result of their treatment here.

We have been investigating for over a year now, but our resources are limited and we need more participation. We have every reason to believe that this facility is intentionally being operated in this manner for financial reasons (we are certain of insurance fraud, and thus Medicare/Medicaid fraud are not unlikely), but also that the owners are simply unqualified and not competent and the facilities not safe or suitable for medical care. We believe an investigation by the appropriate authorities should be conducted and these deficiencies corrected.



If you wish to report information about someone who has been a victim of medical malpractice, negligence, abuse of other inappropriate treatment, please visit our website: www.victimsofacch.org and use the contact form. Your information will not be shared with anyone else.

If you are former employee of ACCH and are interested in helping, please use the contact form. We will not reveal your identity and will not involve you in legal proceedings without your consent.

If you are at present employed at ACCH and wish to contact us, again, we will not reveal your communications or identity without your permission.

We also need to contact anyone who has information about Ascent Children's Health Services, a company that went out of business several years ago because of maltreatment of patients which resulted in death. If you or anyone you know has such information, it could be very important in helping us bring justice for some people who have had no one to speak for them. You can also leave tips at our website using the "Contact" link.