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Tue 10 May 2022 09:03:53 AM CDT

Beginning this project almost a year ago I did not know what to expect. I was angry because of the crimes committed against me, the more so because of the (most likely permanent) physical disability inflicted on me and the the fact that the perpetrators seem likely to escape justice. Such is the power of the medical industry. And sadly, the level of corruption.

As my work continued and I communicated with other victims of this particular hospital, my own situation became a smaller part of the entire picture. Many people have suffered as much, and some have almost certainly died. And as we continue to monitor the situation there is no indication that change will occur without outside influence.

In addition, the scope of the situation was magnified as we investigated further. Arkansas Continued Care Hospital (ACCH) is under the management of a company called Community Hospital Corporation (CHC). It is very large, and is involved in many more operations throughout the country. We had not envisioned something on the scale of the HCA fraud case some years ago, but given the size of CHC, it is possible.

At this time, this is the situation:

Due to the statute of limitations on most of these matters, my own action, and probably one other, must be in process by December. Some others can wait. So by that time the process will at least be underway.

Several months ago I notified the three major hospitals in the area (in Jonesboro and Paragould) of the situation and apprised them of my concerns about Arkansas Continued Care Hospital. I received no reply, and in fact have none from any inquiries. Nevertheless, they now know, or should know, of the dangers to patients sent there, and thus have no defense if they are defendants in future lawsuits.

The other thing we have not yet done, and is under discussion, is advise the local news media in the affected area. This also applies to state and federal law enforcement, as the matter of insurance and Medicare of Medicaid fraud may be involved. At this time we have a large list of news organizations (primarily newspaper and television) in the four-state area (Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi) and are preparing communications for the Attorneys General of those states. We are discussing whether to release that information now or wait until our own litigation is in progress.

I am putting this on the main page of the site, and it will be visible to the public. It will probably be updated from time to time.