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Victims of ACCH

victimsofacch.org is a web site for people who have been, or have friends or family members who experienced abuse, neglect, or other malpractice at Arkansas Continued Care Hospital of Jonesboro in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

If you or someone you know has had such an experience, it can be reported here. We will keep all information confidential, and nothing will be disclosed without your permission. We are working to find legal resources to help us seek redress for those who have been injured and compel the offenders to modify their manner of conducting business.

If you wish to report such an incident, you can use the 'Report' link on the left.

If you are a former or present employee and wish to apprise us of useful information, please use the 'Contact' link and we will get back to you. Your identity will not be made public.

If you are a lawyer interested in helping, please use the 'Contact' link.

All information will remain confidential, and none will be disclosed without permission.


Our mission:

To expose the outrageous practices of the management and staff of Arkansas Continued Care Hospital of Jonesboro, Arkansas. These include flagrant violations of medical care standards and practices, resulting in disability and death of patients committed, without their consent, to their custody.

Not only do we have considerable evidence of this abuse of and harm to patients, we have considerable to believe there is systemic fraud in the operation of this institution.

We intend to pursue every available option to expose the guilty parties and have them held responsible, both in civil and, where applicable, criminal proceedings.

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We are looking for lawyers in Missouri. Some of our members were transferred by hospitals in Missouri to ACCH, and thus those facilities are liable for putting their patients at risk. Please contact us if you are interested in this matter.