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Sun Nov 14 15:59:02 CST 2021

What follows is based on my research. News sources are cited where appropriate.

Arkansas Continued Care Hospital in Jonesboro (hereinafter referred to as ACCH) is located at 3024 Red Wolf Blvd, Jonesboro, AR 72401 According to news sources (https://www.kait8.com/story/38635670/continued-care-hospital-opens-in-jonesboro/) it began operating in July, 2018. As of this writing that is a little over three years.

The facility is quite old. I first lived in jonesboro in 1990 or so (and I had visited regularly for years) and can not remember a time when it was there. I always drove past that location when arriving in Jonesboro from south of the city. That would make it 30 years old, and I am relatively certain it is considerably older. The point being that it is not new.

It was occupied by the Methodist Hospital (I am not sure of the exact name while extant) until some time around 2000. If memory serves (I make no guarantee of that) it was part of the HCA Healthcare Group. That company was involved in a sizable Medicare fraud affair about 2000 (I believe it was settled around that time with a rather massive fine) and the Jonesboro hospital may have been a part of that company.

The facility was unocccupied for quite a few years. The NEA Baptist hospital opened its new facility in Jonesboro in 2013, and prior to that had occupied the old Methodist campus while the new hospital was being built, probably about a two-year process. They then vacated the Methodist facility.

ACCH opened in 2018, which would have left the Methodist facility vacant for another five years or so. Thus ACCH has been in operation for a little over three years.

There is a company, I found its website but now cannot locate it, which manages hospitals. The name is "Hospital Management of America" or something similar. I have not yet been able to find out what the relationship is.

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