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Information about Community Hospital Corporation

Community Hospital Corporation is headquartered in Texas. Here is the address provided by their website:

CHC 7950 Legacy Dr. Suite 1000 Plano, TX 75024

This phone number is shown: (972) 943 64

A contact form is at: https://communityhospitalcorp.com/about-chc/

{I have located one or two email addresses and will add them here}

I had found their incorporation location, but have lost track of it. Seems it was in the U.S. Virgin Islands, but am not sure. I'll have to track it down. Somewhere offshore.

The website domain was registered in 2006.

The site does not offer much in the way of history. One self-aggrandizing press release indicates that "Community Hospital Corporation Celebrates 25th Year as Leader in Improving Community Hospital Performance" in July 2021.

It is obviously a profit-driven enterprise, but what medical industry company is not? And as for the fact that all are to some degree corrupt, that is true. This one, however, appears to be so as if by design.

Here is a list of their advertised services:

   • Hospital Ownership
   • Hospital Management
   • Hospital Consulting
   • LTACH and Post Acute Services
   • Turnaround Services
   • Supply Chain Services
   • Financial Improvement
   • Operational Improvement
   • Strategic Vision
   • Regulatory Requirements
   • Information Technology Services

We are at this time interested only in the second category - Hospital Management. Here's what they profess to do:

   • Place hospital CEO and other executives as needed.

   • Oversee day-to-day hospital operations and educate staff.

   • Conduct an operational assessment to identify opportunities
      for operational, financial and clinical

   • Facilitate the development of a strategic business and hospital
      financial services and operations plan for the hospital and
      overseeing its implementation.

   • Work with the board through routine meetings and communications.

If the above information is accurate, CHC is responsible for everything that happens at ACCH. I find that ACCH has been under their management from the time it opened. This would mean that the CEO (James Cox) was placed there by CHC. It may or may not mean that the doctor Jeffery Copeland ( may be misspelled in some cases as "Jeffrey" the one who perpetrated the physical injuries upon my person, and presumably complicit in the fraud upon my insurance company) was hired by CHC. Not that it matters.

This is the list of "managed hospitals" according to their website:

   •Arkansas Continued Care Hospital of Jonesboro -- Jonesboro, Arkansas
   •Freestone Medical Center -- Fairfield, Texas
   •Montrose Regional Health -- Montrose, Colorado
   •Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services -- Gallup, New Mexico
   •Southwest Health System -- Cortez, Colorado
   •Union County General Hospital -- Clayton, New Mexico
   •Wahiawa General Hospital -- Wahiawa, Hawaii

At this point we are focusing on ACCH, as it will be the subject of our first lawsuit (actually the suit will name ACCH, CHC, and at a minimum the CEO of ACCH and the doctor responsible for the offense) but the exact wording will be determined by our lawyers. Suffice it to say, for the moment, that several of the others exhibit similar characteristics: 1) small hositals in small communities, simlar to ACCH in Jonesboro 2) Google ratings (the only sort readily applicable to all of them) are generally bad, and most show signs of being tampered with by having five-star reviews with no comments, usually several at the same time, with some traceable to hospital personnel and 3) a boilerplate response to bad reviews consisting of a "we regret that you are unhappy, please call this number to discuss". Until I get this more organized, I'll put some links here. They point to several pages with background information.


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Under development - regular updates. KL

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