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Corporate structure of Community Hospital Corporation

This is the corporate structure of CHC. We are at this time only interested in the "Managed Hospitals" section. Very recently, around the end of April in fact, one (Geary County Hospital in Junction City, Kansas) appears to have ended its relationship with CHC. Not surprisingly, other than that they came to their senses. One hopes. Similar to the CHC-managed facilities, many bad reviews and occasionally a handful of spam 5-stars to raise the average. Most likely done by the management. Would be interesting to see what they were paying. We will be contacting their management team (they have a decent website with their medical and management staff, unlike most of these hospitals, indicating a somewhat higher level of consciousness) and we will be contacting them. We will be persistent, if necessary having some of our medical industry insiders make contact, as they can 'talk shop' and perhaps get somewhere while an outsider can not. We'll keep you updated.

Our goal is to solve the problem completely, by closing down CHC and ACCH, and sending their management personnel to prison. We have contacted the Geary County Hospital and hope to obtain about their relationship with CHC

Last updated: Sat 24 Sep 2022 05:38:45 PM CDT