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Fri Oct 15 18:21:09 CST 2021

I have been working on the history of the place, some parts are still vague. They are not actually important to the case, but nice to have.

The hospital facility was, according to my earliest memory, the Methodist Hospital of Jonesboro, or something similar. It was there for as long as I remember. I an still researching the circumstances under which it was closed. In a city like Jonesboro, where it was one of only two hospitals of any size and no shortage of business, it seems unusual. There seems to be some connection with a company called HCA (as in Healthcare Corporation of America, possibly) and later as 'Columbia/HCA' and then 'HCA Healthcare'. In 2003 the company (then known as 'HCA Inc.') settled a lawsuit with the federal government for a wide range of offenses, but mostly (in terms of dollars) for Medicare and Medicaid fraud. It was somewhere around that time that the Jonesboro facility closed - whether there is a connection I do not at this time know. The only reason for my interest is that it involved fraud, something that I am fairly certain the current occupant (ACCH) is guilty of.

In any case, the place sat empty for a time. Sometime around 2010 to 2012 the NEA Baptist hospital occupied it while a new facility was being constructed. I was in there once, when a family member was being treated there. I was not impressed - it was old, and (perhaps as it was a temporary use) not much had been done to update the physical plant. I recall HVAC problems it appeared that it was adequate for the purpose. After approximately two years the new hospital was open and this facility was again empty.

As the occupation by ACCH was more recent - July 2018. Thus it has been open just over three years. I must say the death rate looks strange, considering that. In any case, three years of, based on what we know, substandard service at best and flagrant malfeasance at worst. My suspicion, based on what I know so far, is this:

Old hospital campus, sitting empty, possibly available at a low price. A hospital facility has rather limited use for other purposes without substantial modifications, not to mention needed repairs. There is never a shortage of customers. Of course there are already two large hospitals in the city, and the nearest city of any size has a large one as well. What to do with an old hospital?

Suppose some investors can get the money together to buy, lease, or otherwise acquire use of it. Here's a way to turn an old dump into a cash cow. Seems the 1999 federal budget had some things in it to make these sort of operations useful. And of course, long-term 'care' means a lot money out of the same body. A requirement for an LTACH is a 25-day average stay. Of course, as it turns out that seems to be a cause for fraud, but that's another matter. I suspect there's enough fraud to go around here.

Anyway, you get the money to get it running, more or less. Where do you get your customers? Jonesboro is in a pretty good place. The Jonesboro-Paragould Combined Statistical Area had a population of over 160,000 in 2010. Not bad, but then you figure that they're actually harvesting bodies from the three or four states (Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Mississippi) that really expands the hunting range. And looking at the deaders, they come from all except Mississippi, so far.

So, you got the operation going. From what I saw of the staff (and further investigation supports) it is a low-budget operation in that area as well. I described that elsewhere, the high turnover, at least one psycho (nurse, orderly, something - it was hard to tell with the way they were dressed. I don't remember ever seeing a name tag - maybe a good reason for that. Anyway, as I said, low-budget all the way. From the shabby dirty facility with non-functional equipment, the food that I wouldn't feed an animal, the general attire, grooming (or lack thereof) of the staff, this looks like nothing more than an attempt to extract as much money as possible from a system they would have known going in was corrupt. I'm guessing criminal intent was there from the beginning.

Last updated: Sat 24 Sep 2022 05:38:31 PM CDT