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Sun Nov 14 20:08:41 CST 2021

Given the available information about ACCH, I have these observations:

My inside experience is the only first-hand account I am aware of. The majority, indeed all, of the accounts I have found are from family or acquaintances of the patient whose treatment was criticized. Given the limited amount of time available in most cases, and the fact that malfeasannce can often be concealed by correcting or concealing deficiencies during visiting hours, most know little of what is happening and must rely on the information given to them. Few people have the advantage of having one or more family members who are not only attentive but well versed in both medical knowledge and aware of the mischief that frequently occurs. I was fortunate in this case.

As I have already observed, the facility is poorly operated. The staff was for the most part lacking if motivation to do their work well. The place was unsanitary, and the equipment was often dysfunctional. There appeared to be considerable turnover, suggesting unsatisfactory pay or working conditions, if not both. Overhearing conversations between staff for hours each day seems to support this. In most cases the attitude of the staff ranged from indifference to hostility towards the patients. One of the personnel (probably an orderly hired for his physical strength, although I overheard him discussing having had some medical training) gave indications of mental illness. Let me observe at this point that there were two or three who behaved in a very professional manner and seemed to sympathize with my plight, but they were definitely the minority.

I have already observed that the doctor in charge of me never visited me (contrary to the supposed daily visit) and did not do so after I repeatedly asked to be sure he saw me, something I should not have had to do. With that sort of behavior I am inclined to suspect he may be one of the numerous doctors who are no longer employable by respectable institutions due to their record of incompetence, misconduct or other deficiencies. This is just the sort of place that would hire such a person, given that he could not demand more than they are willing to pay. That matter, at least, is very easy to investigate to one with the right resources.

Overall, this gives me the impression of a low-budget operation whose owners are interested only in money. What I saw of the place indicated profit was the only objective. I haven't been able to track down the investors yet, and don't know if it's possible to find them, depending on how the company is set up. My suspicion, however, is that some investors looking to set up a profitable enterprise (and what better cash cow than an medical industry operation) found the old hospital available, purchased or leased it cheaply, and set up shop as a dumping ground for the big hospitals do get rid of potentially problematical (for whatever reason) patients.

I found a company called Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) headquartered in Plano, Texas (https://communityhospitalcorp.com/) which offers a variety of services to hospitals including management, whatever that means. A number of consulting services are mentioned including, interestingly, something called "Financial Improvement: Get help decreasing cost and increasing revenue". Nice, sounds about like what is going on here. However, ACCH is listed as a hospital managed by them, so I suppose that's a given.

This is a list of hospitals managed by CHC:

      • Arkansas Continued Care Hospital of Jonesboro
      • Freestone Medical Center
      • Geary Community Hospital
      • Montrose Regional Health
      • Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services
      • Southwest Health System
      • Union County General Hospital
      • Wahiawa General Hospital

Considering what goes on at this one, I would suspect the others should bear examination as well.

Overall, then, this looks like a money-making enterprise with nothing other than the bottom line in mind. Given the increased difficulty in litigating offenses now (tort reform) hospitals are largely immune to being held accountable. I haven't yet run down the history on the management. Looking at their history, and any possible investigation on the history of the doctors might prove useful.

A final note: I have been looking at deaths at ACCH. I have a partial list (I don't know how to get a complete list) but it looks troubling. The median age of 70 could be argued expectable, particularly in a hospital, but the number of younger ones (down into the 30-50 range) doesn't look good. In any case it would be attributed to 'covid' anyway, other that looking for any suspicious cases (check with next-of-kin) it is only useful for informational purposes.

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