Tue 11 Jan 2022 07:49:57 PM CST

To: St. Bernards Medical Center, Jonesboro, Arkansas
CC: NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital, Jonesboro, Arkansas
CC: Arkansas Methodist Medical Center, Paragould, Arkansas

On xx xxxxxxxx of 20xx I was admitted to your hospital after experiencing
a heart attack. I am not cognizant of anything occurring in my life for
the next thirty-one days or so. My family members and friends who were
present during that time have informed me that your staff performed most
admirably under extraordinary circumstances, and I am most grateful for
their work.

On xx xxxxxxx 20xx, I was transferred to another hospital, ostensibly for
the purpose of continued recovery and any necessary rehabilitation. Sadly,
that is not what occurred. The hospital, Arkansas Continued Care Hospital
in Jonesboro, not only did nothing to aid in my recovery - in fact they very
nearly caused my death or, at best, permanent disability.

I will not recite the details here - they are rather lengthy. If you are
interested please advise me and they will be supplied. Suffice it to say
that I was subjected to a most egregious sort of neglect, abuse, and medical
malpractice. Only through the efforts of my very determined family members
was I eventually released, in a state of nearly complete physical disability.
Over the next several months they were able to restore to a large degree my
physical condition, albeit nowhere near what it had been before. I am not
exaggerating whey I say that with much more of the 'care' I was receiving I
would be dead or beyond hope of resuming a normal life.

The reason for this communication is to apprise you of knowledge of which I
sincerely hope you were not aware, as committing a patient to that facility
with such foreknowledge would be unconscionable. I believe you should
seriously consider an investigation of the situation before you allow another
patient to be sent there.

I hope that you will not dismiss this out of hand, as it is a most serious
matter. I am sixty-six years old, a retired information technology systems
analyst of some reputation among my peers. At my age, I have, as some say,
been around the block a time or two, and I am aware that these things happen
quite regularly in the medical industry (note that I do not refer to it as
'health care' as I consider it to be nothing of the kind) and there is little
you or I can do about all the others. But I would ask you - should it be
happening in Jonesboro, Arkansas?

I have lived and worked here for most of my life, and Jonesboro has long
enjoyed a reputation as a good place to live, and its hospitals are as well-
regarded as any. The residents of the area are fortunate to have them.

In closing, let me again thank your excellent staff for their professional and
efficacious treatment. My concern is for what is happening to those patients who
leave your care, going to an institution which having entrusted with providing
the same quality of care, not only fails to do so but in fact disregards the
ancient admonition to 'first do no harm'.

I have not at this time discussed this matter much outside of family members and
close friends. I also have not communicated with the aforementioned hospital as
my attorney will be dealing with that matter. I cannot, however, having knowledge
of it fail to at least try to do something to prevent others from suffering. I am
fortunate in having a capable and supportive family and friends - as you know,
there are many, particularly older people, who do not.

If my statements in the third paragraph seem exaggerated, you should not consider
them so.

Finally, I am sending this to NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital in Jonesboro and
Arkansas Methodist Medical Center in Paragould as well, as they should also be
aware of it. If you have any questions I will be most willing to answer them to
the best of my ability.

I am, at your service,


xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx

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