I was moved from St. Bernards hospital in a state of unconsciousness, whether caused by drugs (this appears to be the case) or natural causes. In any case, the charge to the admitting hospital (Arkansas Continued Care Hospital, hereinafter referred to as ACCH, was to care for my physical health and to the greatest extent possible restore it to a condition in which I could return to a normal life.

The fact that I have now to some degree done so (aside from the injuries inflicted there) indicates that a complete recovery was possible. Had the appropriate measures been taken, I should have left the facility in nearly perfect condition within a matter of two to three weeks.

I remained unconscious (drugged) for almost two months, with no attempts at rehabilitation. During this time I was subjected to various physical abuses, including but not limited to:

Administered drugs, without the proper diagnosis. I was given drugs for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychosis, among others. I was never examined by a qualified physician (I was never awake and could not have been) and these drugs were administered solely for the purpose of keeping me in an unconscious state for the convenience of my captors.

• I accuse them of deliberate assault causing bodily harm, including the brain. (neurological damage causing memory loss, compromised motor functions)

• I further accuse them of false imprisonment, as there was never a need to confine me.

• I accuse them of physical abuse, namely tying me to a bed with wires, at times with one or more of my limbs contorted into a painful and injurious position. Further, I was roughly handled by a very large (and mentally unstable) staff member. When he desired to change my position on the bed he literally picked me up and dropped me.

• I further accuse them of perpetrating fraud upon the insurance company paying for my care. The company is responsible for prosecuting that matter, should it decide to do so, but I was used as the instrument of this deception.

• I accuse them of deliberately leaving an unused feeding tube installed when I was discharged. Another six weeks elapsed (with three visits to doctors) before it was removed.

• I accuse them of using my person and subjecting it to abuse for the purpose of financially enriching themselves through the aforementioned insurance fraud.

• I accuse them of injuring me, both physically and mentally, to the degree that I am no longer able to work. I was deprived of the last ten years of my working life, and thereby hundreds of thousands of income. Forcing me to retire prematurely reduced my retirement income considerably.

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