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Regular visitors will have noticed that has been down for redesign for a few weeks. We expect it to be back to full functionality soon.

For those who have contacted us before, we have retained our databases.  We notified everyone who joined the discussion group.  If you have not joined, we have your contact information and will contact you soon.

Watch this space as we continue our work.

Sun 25 Jun 2023 06:18:45 PM CDT

It has been slow, due to limited resources and health problems, but we should be finished soon.  The contact page is functional.  We'll be working to improve the appearance and organization.  JM

Fri 08 Dec 2023 05:29:02 PM CST

We hope to have this mostly done by February.  Stay tuned.  JM

Status: In progress
Last updated: Fri 08 Dec 2023 05:35:11 PM CST : 1702078511

While we are completing the redesign of the site we will post recent developments here. 

We would like to hear from anyone in the area (northeast Arkansas) who can provide these services: 

Legal advice:  This is for consultation only, representation in court will not be expected. We are aware of the situation vis-à-vis lawyers and local hospitals.  All contact is of course confidential. 

Medical records research:  We need assistance in analyzing hospital records and extracting and organizing information in a manner suitable for use in legal proceedings.  Involvment in legal proceedings will not be necessary.  Nursing experience in a hospital will be helpful, as would administrative work. Compensation and expenses are negotiable. 

Investigators:  We mostly need routine investigations such as background checks.  Other information related to past and current legal proceedings involving medical industry personnel may be needed.